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The Zerorez Difference

   Blog   August 7, 2015  Comments Off on The Zerorez Difference

Michelle Money and Jake from Zerorez talk about why so many people are loving Zerorez!

What makes Zerorez different from other carpet cleaners? Zerorez discovered a revolutionary way to clean carpet without using harsh chemicals or detergents. Instead, we use Empowered Water. The water cleans, and then dries with zero residue so your carpet stays cleaner longer.

But can Empowered Water get the carpet as clean as soap? Yes! Their Empowered Water goes through a scientific process to become electrolyzed and oxidated so it acts like a surfactant, just like soap, in breaking down oils and dirt. They didn’t invent the technology. It’s actually been used in other industries for years. They just fundamentally changed the carpet cleaning industry with it!

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