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Our status of premium rug cleaning service is hard earned and based on the stain removal and other situations that we resolved for years. Being a reliable resource for rug cleaning, we often come across different questions of clients and followers who want to discover a thing or two about carpet cleaning. If you are looking for some answers, here are few:

  • Can I use ecofriendly rug cleaning of small to medium sized rugs at home?

Sure you can, but you should have plenty of space, reliable detergents and tools to dry your carpet fast.

  • Where should I start my cleaning process?

If you are sure about the fact that your rug won’t bleed, you can start with banishing the dirt of your rug with a brush or if it’s small, you can shake it off. Remember water splash on the rug containing excessive dirt might make the dirt more stubborn making your work harder to get rid of it.

  • Is wool rug more sensitive and does it take different methods of rug cleaning?

Yes, wool rug is a lot of different from rest of classifications in appearance as well as in nature. You will need to apply vacuuming more than one time before starting to wash it. The tools are almost the same however, you might need some scissoring to offer trimming.

  • Can I clean my rug with a regular sponge for stain removal?

Yes, with a regular sponge preferably white and new so that you get an idea if the cleaning method is working.

  • Can I clean my rug with simple ingredients in my closet?

Not if you have got serious stains but for average cleaning vacuum, small water bucket, clean absorbent cloth, paper towels and scissors and laundry detergent is all you need.

  • What are the precautions I must take for an ecofriendly cleaning?

It’s a good practice to detail your rug fibers at home, but don’t overdo it. Just make sure that each time you were able to thoroughly clean and let it dried off completely. Humidity attracts germs faster and that will risk the ecological cleaning that you desire.

  • When the professional’s help is unavoidable?

Well, if for a while you haven’t been able to detail clean your rug, may be its time to let your rug go for deep carpet shampoo in professional hands. Professional services nowadays offer full fledge service of cleaning at home, so if you have space may be you can learn things from the hard work that they do to make your carpet relive.

This and lots of specific questions come to our ecofriendly rug cleaning helpline. Besides, our responsible experts address the home owners with clear and non-deceptive answers; they also reach you fast in times of stain removal emergencies. Before moving to places people take our help all the time for essential rug cleaning and better storage techniques so that their favorite rug reaches destination harmlessly.

Need real and efficient rug cleaning help? Give us a call now.


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